Rainy Days | Video

Let's just jump right to the gun: I have really talented friends. My good friend Maya (who is also an incredible film maker) put together this video last month. Our original plan was to create a day in the life sorta thing, but Mother Nature decided to cry. But hey, ya roll with the punches. 

Rainy days can suck, but it's the perfect excuse to museum hop, vintage shop, or drink too much coffee. In the video, we caffeine up at Stumptown and Saturdays Surf, pop into Starstruck Vintage Clothing (one of my favorite vintage stores) and head to Chelsea Market for something sweet, plus to check out the flea market. Because your girl here didn't look at the forecast, a rain jacket is no wear insight, but shoutout to Fekkai for their durable umbrellas... I laugh. Oh, I was also quite the cripple during filming (no wonder my friends call me 80 years old) hence the medical tape on my hand and the sprained ankle. 

If you wanna see me in action (and my EYES, yes I do have them), head to Snapchat [@sailingseastyle].