Sailor's Travels | LBI

Sorry for the lack of action around here last week. In case you're wondering what I've been up to... well, sailing. I was up in Rochester for a little less than a week, then came home for less than 8 hours (mostly to sleep), then went to Long Beach Island for four days. At the moment, I'm home for roughly two weeks before I'm on the road again. It was my second time in LBI (both for sailing), so I had very little time to do anything but that. I did happen to squeeze in a quick swim before racing started, and of course I had to eat. With that, here are my top four places to dine on LBI. 

I also added a LBI tab to my travel guide (which is updated on the reg.).... annndddd I'll be heading to a few more spots around the Eastern seaboard before summer is up, so stay tuned (-:

| TO EAT | 

SURF TACO | Location: Ship Bottom 

A LBI classic... the motto no shirt, no shoes, no problem highly applies to this causal spot. Fresh seafood and ingredients make for prime tacos, salads, and wraps. 

my suggestion: Aloha wrap (w/ avocado) + split the waffle fries 

DADDY O'S | Location: Brant Beach

One of the "fancier" (using that term loosely) places on the island. There is also a rooftop that overlooks both the bay and the Atlantic. 

my suggestion: Fish tacos (sensing a general theme here?) 

BLACK WHALE BAR & FISH HOUSE | Location: Beach Haven 

First off, this hopping eatery and bar doesn't take reservations after six, thus either get there early or be prepared to wait. Secondly, don't go when you're hangry (see first off...) 

my suggestion: Buffalo calamari to start + go with one of the specials or classic entrees. 

PEARL STREET MARKET | Location: Beach Haven

This market looks a little out of place on the island. Think more Nantucket or the Cape. It has everything from fresh caught seafood, prepared food, fruits, deserts, smoothies... the list goes on and on. Don't forget to Insta the place. #duh

my suggestion: Fish tacos, mini lobster rolls (!!)