Treasures | Vintage

Wearing: Vintage romper, Birkenstocks, Ray-Ban sunglasses

I'm an odd person when it comes to change. I can listen to the same song for years and never get sick of it, but when it comes to clothing I switch from item to item a hella lot faster. 

I've recently gotten into vintage shopping. Before, it wasn't something that I had a lot of interest in, especially since a majority of my shopping is done in the wee hours of the am and from the comfort of my bed. Since beginning this vintage lovin' phase, I've discovered pretty great pieces that no one else will have. That's what I find the coolest about vintage... show up a party, no one else will be wearing that. Bam. Instant win. 

If you are in New York City, visit Starstruck Clothing in the West Village and also check out The Vintage Twin. They do pop-ups around the city once a month, along with having an online store.

I wouldn't call myself an expert on vintage shopping at all, but it's something that I would suggest dipping your toe into. As they say, someone else's trash is.... 

Hold up. One more note. The photos in today's post are something a little different than my other stuff.. as I said c.h.a.n.g.e. is always fun. 

Have a safe and happy fourth. xxxx 

Photos by Emily Malan