Smart Girls

Hello, hello. Long time no talk. If you don't follow me on the Insta  (shame on you) you wouldn't know I'm in good 'ole upstate New York. Rochester, to be exact. It is my first time sailing on a lake, and boy oh boy, it is an interesting experience to say the least. Well, enough of my life update for a sec... 

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Live Smart Conference for the second year in a row. Smart Girls Group (shoutout to my home girls Emily, Quincy, & co.) put on an excellent event that leaves you feeling ready to conquer the world the mili-second you walk out. My second favorite aspect of the conference other than the speakers themselves are the fellow attendees aka some of my coolest, kick ass friends. Carin, Fran, and I were reunited once again but also along with other super cool humans- Hannah, PJ, and Renee. To say the least, the titanic digi-world can be a scary place, but for every cyber creep, you get at least a few rad friends. 

I highly recommend getting invoked with Smart Girls to broaden your internet horizons. And like always, feel free to drop me a line for any questions.... I'm available most of the time, well except for when I'm sailing on lakes and stuff. 

ph. by Hannah Yeager