In Defense of the Uniform

Oh the uniform. The sartorial uniform that signifies that you my friend are cool enough to wear the same variations of clothing on a regular basis. When one thinks of the uniform, style icons of past and present pop into your mind- think Audrey, Anna, Caroline. 

But, then the real question arises.... I'm no style icon, so can I have a uniform?

This was the question that Quincy and I were pondering in Zara back in May. In an age where self reinvention is everywhere we look, from the latest news to Instagram, is the unifrom still revelent to us regular people? You have bloggers who have their signature looks of wavy hair or boyfriend jeans, but I tend to wonder if readers (and others) will get bored of these?

In my everyday life, I tend to think having a uniform is ok. My conventional pairing of stripes and denim is easy and a majority of the time, I can guarantee it will look good. But, when I go to post to the internet, I find myself wondering if this constant duo will bore my readers. Having a uniform in a sense is playing it safe, but I don't want to keep my style card safe, do I?

Now from this, I find myself flipping between two questions: am I even cool enough to have a uniform?; and will this uniform become boring? 

To answer question A, those cool girls who have those uniforms were in our shoes.. staring at a closet wondering what the hell. So, yes we are all cool enough in retrospect. And question B, one can never have too many stripes or too many jeans.

I'm curious to hear your thoughts on the uniform. Is it boring to you? Or do you like the safety net of always having a go-to outfit?