Cobalt x Kicks

Wearing: Madewell dress (also comes in black!), Stan Smith sneakersMadewell sunglassses

I purchased this dress because of three reasons, 1; my ankle was sprained (ugly brace), 2; no way in hell was I wearing heels for my school’s Prize Day due to 1, and 3; cobalt blue and an open back have a way to win over my heart.


I find maxi dresses hard to wear when it isn’t for a special reason or when I’m at the beach/ on vacation. Partially to the fact that maxis are often paired with sandals which results in a super summery outfit. I personally think that when I wear summery getups in the city, something just feels off or like I’m that person that missed the memo for party attire. You catch my drift?


When I found myself standing in front of my mirror sporting my new favorite dress, I was stumped on what footwear I should go with. Like magic, my instincts kicked in full drive. What shoe do I always result to? Sneaks. #sneakerheadforever 

And to be all metaphorical and inspiring, if there is one thing that sailing has taught me (going back to this past weekend), always go with your instinct. 


That has obviously translated into my wardrobe choices.

hop my outfit:

Photography by Alexandra Gibbs