Summer Essentials

Raise your hand if during the summer you find yourself wearing the same things! Perfect example; I have worn the same pair of denim shorts three times this past week despite owning several other pairs. Oh, and that goes with shoes as well. Birkenstocks all the way, baby!! 

I'm all about simplifying your wardrobe during the warmer months to make for easier getaway packing and mixing n matching during those sauna like days. I've put together a list of items that I constantly find myself pulling in the mornings that I'm not in sailing gear. I also made sure that each item is under $200 because who needs $400 denim shorts.... certainly not moi. 

I'm thinking of doing some more posts like this that are budget friendly and make online shopping a little less tedious for my readers. Let me know if you like 'em. 


DENIM SHORTS: Classic {$90}, Distressed {$88}, High-Waisted {$20}, White  {$50}

BLOUSES: White {$34}, Printed Tunic {$99}, Loose button down {$44}, Off-the-shoulder  {$141}

SHOES: Birkenstock {$125}, Neutral slides {$60}, Canvas sneakers {$22}, Espadrilles {$36} 

BEACH ATTIRE: Neutral bikini- top & bottom {$65, $17},  Straw hat {$48}, Classic shades {$150}