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Wearing: Mango vest (old), Asos trousers (also worn here), Zara t-shirt, Madewell slides, Chanel bag, ASHA by ADM ring 

My relationship with blush (or baby pink, let's me real) started young. The classic color for a baby girl, you can bet my room and everything in it fell under some form of blush. I proceeded to go through a quote-un-quote rebellious phase where I proclaimed that the color pink was number one of my hate list. I can guarantee that I've mellowed out my dramatics, but my friends are still shocked when I show up in pink.

Now that pink is no longer ranking number one on that dreaded list, I've grown to dabble in the color a little bit. Enter this Mango vest that I purchased last August. To be brutally honest this is the second time I've worn it. So yes, I wore it back in the heat of summer and up until late, it's been mocking me in my closet. I've contemplated selling it or giving it to friends, but hey like my burnt orange culottes, I simply cannot part. 

No, it is not because I am hoarder or get emotionally attached to items. It's just one of those pieces, that once (or twice) a year, I pull it out and bam, still a goodie. 

It also goes with black... and every other neutral in my closet. Which also doesn't hurt the cause.