Face-Time | Beauty Bag

A while ago, I asked you all what you wanted to see more of and the general consensus? Beauty. I've dabbled in a few makeup/skincare etc. related posts before, but normally I avoid that area as some days, nothing goes on my face except for moisturizer. 

Honesty hour: I forgot how to put on liquid eyeliner up until about a month ago.... shame. Oh, and most mornings, make-up is applied in the car. #g-l-a-m-o-r-o-u-s

As I'm always on the run from school, sailing, working, gym, etc. makeup can become quite a hassle. Much as I wish I could wear no makeup for the rest of my life, that wish isn't going to come true unless some real Disney magic is worked on moi. Above are the products I rotate through the most that can deliver what I call my "full face" to a barely there look that actually has, barely nothing there. 

As I don't think any of you lovely fellows out there need help in regards to a barely there look, I've included what is a middle ground between the two looks. For an example, this is what you see in blog photos, and so forth. Coolio? Awesome. Keep reading. 

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FACE: Glossier moisturizer | Glossier skin tint | Kat Von D bronzer 

- Most days I either wear the Glossier lotion or just a light oil 

- Followed by the Glossier skin tint. If my skin is oily that day or I need more coverage, I'll go on with one of the CoverFX products

- To bring back a glow, Kat Von D bronzer is the best. 

EYES: Maybeline mascara | Maybelline brow gel (not pictured)

- First, I clean up my brows. Truth be told, I only do this step when I have extra time or know I need to "clean-up" a little more. (;

- A swipe of mascara does the trick. For those who are wondering, I only wear eyeliner when I'm going to a real fancy-shmancy event, otherwise I just curl my lashes and follow with mascara.

LIPS: Marc Jacobs lip color 

- My holy grail!! I haven't used anything else for the past two years. Golden. 


Photos by Alexandra Gibbs