Refresh Button

Wearing: Tularosa dress, Vans sneakers 

Greetings, people. As a general consensus, Mondays aren't fun. I get it, you get it. We've all been there. But as I write this post in the early hours of Monday, I'm feeling different. Perhaps it was because of a late night conversation with one of my best friends that made me think of who I want to be and what I want to do... this summer to be exact. Or the fact that this weekend was pretty damn great. Anytime, I'm on the water like I was in Newport, I hit a refresh button that wakes me up.  Sometimes, it just clicks and you get why the world exists. Well, let's not jump that far, but never the less you get my gist. 


So as summer dawns upon us in a few short weeks, hit that refresh button... and/or buy yourself a new dress. Like this black lace one here. Retail therapy never fails you, e-friends. I have plenty experience to tell you that. 

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Photos by Alexandra Gibbs