Saved by the Nautica bell

Nothing drive me more insane that having to put on a coverup when you are still sandy and salty. Nothing. Please assure me that I am not the only one who ends up with bounds of sand in their hair after a day at the beach. 

Not just me, or just me?

Okay, moving onwards. 

As much I would love to be a surfer chick- including perfectly coiffed hair after swimming- some things are just meant to stay a dream. Now, now, don't go thinking I am a prissy-pants at the beach (because those drive me insane as well), but I just have some preferred after beach attire of sticking to reasonably light tunics and birks (sandy by default).

Until Nautica swooped in with this paper thin coverup that doesn't resemble a doily and doesn't look like I just went for a swim (despite that being the truth). The subtle rope detailing and ideal length sold me. After shooting these photos, I happened to go for a quick swim before hurrying off to a meeting in town- with that wet swimsuit still on, and not care in the world. 

Maybe, I'll just have to embrace the surfer lifestyle afterall thanks to Nautica

But please, how does one have mermaid hair after swimming?

*ponders life-altering question for a solid five minutes before sighing with defeat*

 Photos by Bruno Dubreuil