Wearing: Faithfull the Brand dress, Ray-Ban shades, Not pictured: Birkenstocks


Aye, about time to get these St.Barths snaps rolling in. It feels like ages ago that I was in the islands, thus some digital fueled reminiscing is needed. I hope that you don't mind that the next hurdle of posts will be sun, sand, and the tropics. (;

As I like to say, the Aussies always do it better, and  Faithfull the Brand continues my Aussie appreciation streak. This shirtdress was right up my alley of girl-meets-boy style. Or as I like to put it from the nickname I was dubbed over vacation, "boy without pants".... you win some, you lose some. 

Despite my nickname I have garnered from overwearing shirt dresses, I'll be sporting this Faithfull number- city style- more as warmer weather hopefully dons upon us. 


Photos by Bruno Dubreuil