April Playlist

Here is this month's playlist... I was going to post this earlier, but I decided to wait as I found some sick, new to me tunes over the weekend. Some of you have wondered how I pick the songs for the playlists. I am one of those people, whose mood strongly reflects what music they listen to. I presume this is a mix of a good and bad thing... wink, wink. That is perhaps the biggest aspect of the compilation process, of course I always throw in a few new picks as well.

Click here for a listen, plus all my other monthly mixes over on Spotify.

The Melody of a Fallen Tree | Windsor For The Derby

Simple Pleasures | Jake Bugg

Leather Jacket | Arkells

Youth | Daughter

Round And Round | Imagine Dragons

California (Cast Iron Soul) | Jamestown Revival

What Kind of Man | Florence + The Machine

When Did Your Heart Go Missing? | Rooney

Collide- Chris Lord-Alge Mix | Howie Day

Cousins | Vampire Weekend