The Return of Nostalgia

Perhaps it is the fact that I've been listening to my early 2000s/tbt playlist on Spotify more than I care to admit, or the fact that I'm six seasons into One Tree Hill (don't get me started...), but I can help feel a certain wave of nostalgia every single time "In Too Deep" plays once again. 

A few of my friends and I were discussing some of our fondest memories as kids and they all happen to circulate around the grand old age of six. Now don't get me wrong, that was roughly only ten years ago, but I can promise you it feels like lightyears.

As much as I would love to reflect on my dreams of being part of the Baker family, or my ridiculous Barbie collection, my goal here is to talk about a deeper meaning of nostalgia.

 In this day in age, technology influences our day-to-day life more than we sometimes please. As much as I love the power of tech and how it has changed my life, I truly miss the days where it wasn't as prominent (i.e. when a camera wasn't there 24.7). Let's try to bring back more moments in our lives, where the phones and the cameras are stored away and simply savor what this world has to offer.

For me, I remember returning to that special state of nostalgia on my last Vineyard Race back in August. Last time I looked, there was no cell service in the Atlantic Ocean, and nothing, I can swear, nothing is more beautiful than a clear sky and luminous water at 3 in the morning.

To sum up it all up, I hope that in ten years from now you will be able to pinpoint the feeling of nostalgia, like you can from ten years ago.

It also doesn't hurt the cause to have a one-person dance party to that throwback playlist once a week....

Over and out. - S