Ends of the Rainbow

©Bruno Dubreuil-288.jpg

Wearing: [1st look]  Madewell button down, Topshop lace shorts, Clare V clutch, Birkenstocks, Ray-Ban shades [2nd look] Minkpink romper (under $50), Birkenstocks, Ray-Ban shades 

Ever wondered what my closet looked like in a nutshell? Well, here ya go. Last weekend, I did the dirty deed of spring cleaning my closet- at 2 am no less- and I ended up color coordinated my wardrobe. The result? I own a lot of black, white, and navy. Don't worry, I have a small (emphasis on the small) area for the few oddballs of the rainbow.

I hate to sound like a broken record but when traveling, your good ol' friends, black & white can save you tons of room in your suitcase. Of course, I'm not some sort of chromophobian... last time I looked denim and navy counts as color. Not to mention, mirrored shades? Filing those under the more vibrant end of the rainbow. 

With that, I'll be talking more about my denim shenanigans next week.


It's been one hella week from this side of the screen. Enjoy your weekend, e-friends. 

 Photos by Bruno Dubreuil