Reality Strikes


Wearing: Madewell jeans, Asos trench coat, Maje tunic, Stubbs & Wootton loafers c/o 

Guess who is back, back, back? Greetings on a sleepy sunday after a surprisngly seamless day of travel yesterday. I have a proper lot of content from St.Barths, but it might take awhile as a) playing the ever tedious game of catch-up has begun, and b) posting about St.Barths forces me to return to reality, which is something I'm not too keen on.

Until then, let us jump back in time (the power of technology) with this look. After several months sans a trench coat in my wardrobe, I finally replaced the coat hole with this one from Asos. My past two have been from Madewell and Zara which I cannot recommend enough. Speaking of Madewell, the denim geniuses have struck gold once again with these jeans. Increbibly soft fabric meets essential colors of dark blues, grey, and white makes for a home run in my book.  

One last thing as I reflect on my trip, wear sunscreen and tons of it. Hashtag lobster life.

Hold up, one more thing. 

Reality bites. 

Photos by Alexandra Gibbs