I Resolve To... | March

Another month has come and gone, which leaves me in pure shock that it's April. But for realz, when did that happen? Here is this month broken down.  

I'd love to hear what your goals for April are... share below. 

| Travel to a new country & state ||

Once again, nothing new in terms of travel but a lengthy 10 days spent in paradise AKA St.Barths was greatly welcomed after one rough winter. But alas, there is still snow on the ground so we aren't #winning just yet. 

|| Memory jar & make GoPro videos ||

Since I was in St.Barths, I have plenty of video content from the lens of my GoPro which will be up soon. I still need to fill out my memory jar for this month, but odds are by the time you are reading this, it has been done and dusted. 

 || Continue to grow my business and expand into new territories ||

As you can tell, those big changes I've been dropping hints about have finally surfaced. I also have a few more projects in the works that will be launching later this year. Like always, drop me a comment of what you'll like to see more of. 

 || Live bold ||

I stepped out of my comfort zone several times this month, and I think that is categorized under "live bold". 

|| Train harder for sailing ||

I pretty proud of myself for going to the gym everyday in St.Barths. A few days I went hiking as well which was something different for me, but loads of fun. Spring sailing begins this month too, so I am no doubt looking forward to that. 

|| Only buy pieces I truly love ||

I didn't purchase much this month, just a few pieces for warmer weather and a couple updated basics to hopefully transition my winter wardrobe. 


Photos by Alexandra Gibbs