Wearing: Asos cape, Zara turtleneck, Asos trousers, Converse sneakers                                      Asha by Adm ring & bracelet c/o, Ray-Ban shades

A change in digital scenery.... I am so thrilled to announce the new Sailing the Sea of Style. This project has been in the works for roughly 5 months, and after many back and forth, and should I do this? should I not? moments, we have reached an incredible result. I've made sure to keep the site accessible and easier to navigate than any GPS. 

After starting my blog in 2012, it has brought on lots of change and growth that leaves me forever in awe. The main goal of the new look is to define where I see S.T.S.S. heading and focus on continuously producing great content. 

Now for the nitty-gritty details.  Yes, I've switched over to SquareSpace. Blogger was great whilst it lasted, but its time has run up. A few new features? Let's begin with Sailor's Travel Guide. There you can find all my favorite places to eat, do, and see around the world. The travel guide will be updated anytime I have traveled somewhere new or even when I try a new cafe, etc. I haven't included everywhere I've been, but if you are curious for other recommendations that are not listed, I am always willing to help out. Another addition is the "Sloane" tab where you can find my about page & faq. In that next of the woods is a compiled list of questions I receive often and other information about yours truly. You can also click-click-click over to the "Shop" page where my ever-lasting list of lusts and musts will shortly reside. Lastly, you can have moi in your inbox. All you must do is click on Subscribe and choose your preferred method of madness. 

As this is the first day of new site, some things are still changing, but you can still find me at the same dot com. 


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I cannot thank you enough for all the support you have given this site. I owe it all of you and every post you've read, every e-mail, every like, and so on. You, my dear e-friends are pretty amazing. Please leave any thoughts and feedback below- I'm all ears. 

I also owe a massive,bigger than Asia, thank you to Kelly. The first time we worked together was on my first re-design two years ago, and when I emailed her back in October with a new vision and zero direction, she guided me on the blogger-brick-road to where I am today. If you are in the market for a kick-ass graphic designer, Kelly is your girl. 

And with that, enjoy the new site. 




Photos by Alexandra Gibbs