How I Edit Instagram

The number one.. and I mean top of the top, cream of the crop, question I get asked all the time is how I edit my instagram photos. So, think this post is like a little Christmas present from me to you. I sometimes take it way too seriously, but it is in all of good fun and of course, for a kiler insta. I used to find myself overthinking my "theme" and general flow of my Instagram account, but once I stopped doing that it came naturally and I found the photos working together without much effort. But still.... 

Instagram is an art. Don't deny it. 

+ You need a photo to start, so get to that. 

+ If the photo is dark, I first brighten it up in Afterlight (for some reason, the exposure tool on vsco makes photos blurry or overly bright, so I prefer Afterlight or Snapseed)

+ I'll save that, then open vsco and upload the photo into there. 

+ Once I'm up and running in vsco, I play around with the filters. I like A3, A6, and Q2. 

+ Next, I up the contrast to one or two, lower the temperature and tint to one (sometimes a little more with the tint). I'll also sharpen the photo a little bit, and fade it if I feel like the photo is too "bold". 

+ Then, I save it to my camera roll and upload to Instagram. Once I'm in Instagram, occasionally I'll tweak the brightness and the temperature if I feel like the photo needs it.