Blessed by... by CHLOE

If you could _____, would ya?

If we are referring to eating by Chloe for the rest of my life, and not changing my fate like in the Pixar movie, Brave, the answer is yes. A big yummy vegan yes. 

I've been to the vegan hot spot in the Greenwich Village about five times in the past three months. Excessive? Maybe. As a vegan myself, I truly appreciate a great vegan restaurant that serves items other than beans and tofu. I've ordered everything from the salads, the guac burger, the "mac and cheese", and the collection of sweets. And I'm sure non-vegans appreciate it as well... just ask my dad whom I dragged there after our adventure to the Statue of Liberty. My favorite remains the guac burger, side of sweet potato fries, and a fresh coconut. Damn, I'll salivating right now.

Don't let the long line scare you away from the deliciousness that awaits inside. The line itself moves relevantly fast and you'll be chowing down in no time. As for actual seating, I've been lucky to get a seat each time I've been there.... it all really comes down to timing. 

Hopefully they'll pull a Jack's Wife Freda and open another location or expand to let more people experience the vegan delight of this place. 

Photos by Me