The Decline of the Dot.Com

Guys, remember follow fridays? And the days of blogrolls? It’s quite funny to think about it… the blogging industry has boomed over the past years with more and more bloggers are rising to the top. But, you could also argue that the blogging industry has been declining since 2012 with the increase of “Instagram blogging” and social media personalities. How do you define blogging nowadays? If you recall the blogging sphere circa 2013, most bloggers published whatever content they desired regardless of the paycheck attached to it. Now sponsored posts, agencies, and brand deals consume the industry that once focused on expressing thoughts and opinions through an online space. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not disregarding turning blogging into a job. The power of technology and media how allowed anyone to create something online and become your own boss. But, this whole idea stemmed from a conversation my friends, uh dwc, and I had via group chat. The discussion focused around why we don’t read blogs as much as we used to. There're a few bloggers that I still read religiously (the links will be on the bottom). But, I used to read 10-15 blogs, now- excluding my friends- that number is roughly 5 or 6. Thus, when a new and interesting concept is born (not gonna lie), I get a little giddy. My bookmarks have diminished, leaving only a few lovely ladies and gents, I www dot to most mornings. But, I like a good analysis, so why has this happened? 

Maybe it is the evolution and migration into the instant media age of Instagram and Snapchat since many “influencers” have refocused their efforts into creating and building their brands directly from their phones. Why has the content switched to curating Instagrams and not blog posts? Is it reaching more people? Probably. Even I have noticed it myself: I spend much more time editing Instagram photos and making sure my social channels is as high quality as what I produce here. But, despite the shift in the industry, my main focus still lies in producing content for my site. Like most technology developments, there are enough pros and cons that we could spend the whole entire day simply debating the future of the blogging industry. Numbers can only reveal so much. 

In hopes to create a conversation about the constant change of the blogging, here are some direct quotes from the group chat where this idea came to be. 


"I barely have time to read blogs anymore"

"Same, I'm trying to get more inspired though I need a fresh blog I've never seen"

"I read like three blogs. And Vogue. Oh, and the new york times"

"Bloggers bore me nowadays"

"Lols, remember follow fridays on Twitter"


Here are some of the people that I continue to read directly from my bookmarks page: Camille Over the Rainbow, Fashion Me Now, Pandora Sykes, Amy Stone, Proper Kid Problems, and Into the Gloss.

Ph. by Tommy Ton