Building Blocks

Ever since launching my series "Sailor Does Staples" back in early fall, I've noticed that I've become much more conscious of my sartorial choices and so forth. I pay much more attention towards the pieces both in my closet and when I'm shopping. But, it can seem as quite contradicting as fashion is known to be expressive and spontaneous, not microscopic and formulated. But, I've found that being more aware of my attire as actually led me to play around with items and sport quirkier details that I would never before. 

Yep, you read that right. Sloane, is wearing "quirky" items. Now, you may continue on. 

Being formulated is not boring. It is actually the exact opposite. Like the foundation to a home or any sort of creation, it is essential to expansion and growth bigger and better things- similar with a wardrobe. Now, within my closet, I have a curated selection of pieces that I know look great and won't fail me. (I will be releasing that list later this week). They have become my wardrobe's foundational blocks. Remember those wooden blocks you had as a kid? In order to play a great game, you had to build the world first. Once that world is built, the fun truly begins. 

Sweatshirt- The Reformation (more graphic sweats here), Denim- Asos (I swear by these), Boots- Asos (such a steal!), Coat- Mango (super old), Bag- Angela Roi, Sunglasses- Ray-Ban

Photos by Haley Carrere