Lady Liberty

 Lady Liberty represents freedom, peace, and the ideal American Dream. When immigrants would come to New York City, she welcomed them with open arms and even today, you feel a sense of security when you see her from afar and up close.

I've lived near New York City since I was born, and last Saturday was the first time I've ever visited the Statue of Liberty. Yes, it is one of the most touristy adventures one can do in NYC, but tourist attractions are so popular for a reason as they represent New York's message and how it connects to a global perspective. 

My whole entire family (on both sides) immigrated to the United States between 1895-1952. I've always been fascinated with learning about my lineage and where I come from.... so much, that I purchased the "pro" account on I guess you can say that is why I felt so connected whilst visiting Lady Liberty; my family saw her as a symbol for a new life and new hope, and it simply shows how lucky we are that we can live out our own dreams. 


Here is some logistical information as the Statue isn't exactly a spur-of-the-moment decision. First, you must buy your tickets in advance. You have several options of the pedestal, crown, or normal. My dad and I purchased the pedestal tickets because the wait for the crown was about four months. The pedestal bring you to the base of Lady Liberty. 

The easiest way to get to the ferry is taking the 6 train to Bowling Green. The 6 wasn't in service on Saturday, so we ended up taking it to Brooklyn Bridge then transferring to the J which will bring you to the heart of the Financial District.... I realize that if you aren't familiar with the subway system then that sounded like a bunch of mumble-jumble. 

Continuing on. 

Also, be sure to check the weather and wear layers. It was insanely windy when we went, hence it was quite chilly on both the ferry and the actual island. You're freezing one minute, but the second you start climbing the stairs you'll be breaking a sweat. Message to the wise: layer up so you can strip down.