The Dress Hunt

Black dress: Farrah, Maroon dress: X Revolve + Lovers & FriendsWhite dress: Lovers & Friends , Gold dress: The Jetset Diaries . Black dress: Cupcakes & CashmereOmbre dress: Free People

Finding the perfect holiday party dress is like finding a Birkin bag in 2006... nearly impossible. Season after season, I never learn my lesson on looking for a dress ahead of time. You'd think that would be the ideal excuse, for an online shopper (like moi), to scour the inter-webs looking for a little something-something. 

The short answer? No. Like the true (recovering) procrastinator I am, I leave my shopping to the last plausible minute. 

In hopes for you not to turn out like me.... stressing over a dress.... here a few options so that you can stay sane. Much to my delight, I finally found the perfect dress for an event this weekend! I pinky-promise I'll share the final product with you considering it would be a welcomed change of pace from the normal routine of denim and leather and neutrals.

Btw folks, I hope you have my blog bookmarked/subscribe/opened because something bigger than Big Foot (wow, lame joke) is launching tomorrow.