A woman, by which I mean Beyonce, once said if you like it, you put a ring on it. Replace the ring with a belt, and you've met my latest sartorial philosophy. I have somewhat of a belt-investment phobia, as I cannot justify shelling out a month's paycheck for stripe of leather. So you can only imagine my own surprise when I began to belt every fabric that grazed my body. Now, however, instead of cinching a shirtdress, I've been tackling the mom jeans meets Hermes look. Interesting, no?

As I just mentioned, I'm not an avid belt buyer, but my mom certainly is. I've "borrowed" her Hermes belt more times than I care to admit. Still, I cannot describe why a belt elevates an outfit from a five to a ten. Do you become more polished version of yourself? Convince others you actually tried? I'd love to crack the code. 

The H is also for a happy (and belted) Sloane. 

Coat: Asos (on sale), T-Shirt: The Reformation, Denim: Levis via The Vintage Twin, Shoes: Pour la Victoire (old), Belt: Hermes (check out The Real Real), Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Photos by Alexandra Gibbs