Sailor Does Staples | Barbour Is Back



I already talked about the importance of owning this legendary jacket, so another time can't hurt.

To me, the Barbour jacket is the epitome of fall dressing. Welp, not for those in Southern California, but you understand my point. I shamelessly sport this jacket season after season with everything from sweats, sailing gear, to the days when I plan on looking put together- I swear they happen more than you think. 

Funny enough, around the ripe young age of eight, I refused to wear my brother's hand-me-down Barbour jacket, because I believed I "looked like a boy". Disappointed, young and naive Sloane, disappointed. Obviously, things have changed considering the fact it has become my second skin for the duration of Autumn/Winter. Also, remember that you only need one Barbour, as they happen to last a long time

Now, if I can only pull off a Barbour as well the Queen herself... one can dream. 

I cross-my-heart-and-hope-to-die / double-pinky-promise that you won't regret purchasing one for yourself... or Christmas is coming up, you know?


Jacket: Barbour Jeans: Mother Denim Turtleneck: Calypso St.Barth Sneakers: Adidas Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Photos by Reid Secondo