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I highly believe in the idea that saying coffee three times fast will a) make you seem very hyped on caffeine, or b) allow you to channel your inner Gilmore girl. At the end of summer, I attempted to try my absoulte hardest to cut out coffee from my diet, after a summer- which began at finals week- of a lot of consumed caffeine. I know for a fact that in no possible way am I addicted to my iced coffee from DD before 8.30 class, but there is something so incredibly satisfying about drinking a great cup of coffee. It restores my faith in humanity that there are humans out there who can make a banging coffee. Claps are in order to them. 

But my coffee "hobby" wasn't born overnight. It took me awhile to discover the difference between cold brew compared to the plebeian's iced coffee. And how the difference of soy milk compared to coconut milk can make or break that $6 latte you purchased in a quaint West Village coffeeshop. In a city like New York, coffee trends are popping up left and right; wether it be bulletproof or that green thing AKA matcha, I'm presenting you with my insider coffee guide. 

Ba da bing, ba da boom. Here is my little black book to the best cup of coffee. I'm covering every trend, every taste, and every bit of caffiene your sleep-deprived, "oh-sh*t, missed-my-train" heart desires. 

You can repay me with you know what.

If you keep scrolling on this long post, there is the download of what, where & when to the best of the best NYC can offer your taste buds. 


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WHAT:  Blue Bottle

WHERE: 450 W. 15th Street | other locations here

WHEN: This is my go-to when I'm looking for a quiet place to get something *important* done. The iced coffee is over-priced, but as long as you ask for less ice you'll get a bang for you buck.

ORder: Iced Coffee



WHAT:  Chalait

WHERE: 224 W. 4th Street

WHEN: Introducing one of my favourite coffeeshops on the island of Manhattan. The iced matcha latte is a killer alternative to the normal choice. Not to mention, Chalait is an instagrammer's goldmine. White walls, natural light, photogenic food... the 21st century's American dream. 

Order: Matcha Latte w/ Almond Milk


WHAT:  Toby's Estate

WHERE: 160 5th Ave. | Other Locations here

WHEN: I frequent Toby's Estate Flatiron as it's on the journey for my normal commute downtown.  My drink of choice is the iced chai w/ almond milk whilst shopping in the connected Club Monaco. You wonder why I miss the subway.... 

Order: Iced Chai & Croissant 


WHAT:  Bluestone Lane

WHERE: 55 Greenwich Ave. | Other Locations HERE

WHEN: Order an iced coffee anytime before 10AM for the most powerful caffeine jolt of all times. Oh, and the food is muy bien. I also recommend Spending some time chatting with the Baristas- they are incredbily friendly & hilarious. Once again, I feel the need to restate that #aussiesdoitbetter

Order: COld Brew & Avocado Toast



WHAT:  Cafe Minerva

WHERE: 302 W. 4th Street

WHEN: This West Village coffeeshop is the birthplace of my appreciation of a coffee. Flashback to last January, when I ordered the most delicious hot coffee- you can see the OG instagram here- it was love at first sip, I like to think. 

Order: Estate Decafe Coffee



WHAT:  The Smile To-Go

WHERE: 22 Howard Street

WHEN: In case you're wondering, these photos were shot outside of The Smile. Here they have a wide variety of coffee and a killer selection of vegan pastries which makes me soar to the moon. Enjoy your cuppa on the stoops for prime people-watching. 

Order: Drip Cofeee with Cinnamon & Banana Quinoa Muffin 


WHAT:  Happy Bones

WHERE: 394 Broome Street

WHEN: Strong coffee is needed ASAP. I'd recommend not going here on an empty stomach unless you are prepared for serious caffeine jitters. Stop here when the insta-feed is in need of tortoiseshell spoons and white bricks.

Order: Hot Chocolate if you're feeling sweet. 


Photos by Alexandra Gibbs