Sailor Does Staples | Footwear a la Editor

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It's time to update your footwear collection but before we jump into the fun part, lets backtrack.

Have you ever taken a look at the footwear of choice for fashion editors all around, especially those cut from the French cloth, ehem, looking at you Miss Emmanuelle Alt. You guessed it. A black bootie. As I continue to work on the puzzle of creating a perfectly edited wardrobe, I'm lucky that the black ankle boot fits seamlessly into the equation. 

My old pair have hit the wall in terms of everyday wear, hence it was time to www dot over to Asos in search of a replacement. I ended up a classic Chelsea boot as they are the perfect addition to my black boot collection (small, but growing). 

Okay, your turn. Slip on your black booties and pull an Emmanuelle with some crisp navy and black pairing or go lazy sunday with a backwards button down a la yours truly. 


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