Sailor Does Staples | Legendary Shades

Sloane Kratzman Favorites-0016.jpg

Wearing: Orvis turtleneck (a life-saver during the cold), Brandy Meville skirt (similar options) Chanel ballet flats (recommend The Real Real)



It is about time I semi-replaced my dearly loved aviators. Truth be told, I actually owned two pairs of them, but sadly lost one due to a wave crash last Spring Break. Tears run down.

To mix things up, I purchased the  "Lennon" style shades that the legend himself made famous. I've been gravitating rounder styles lately as opposed to my previous go-to. Hey, it is good to mix it up. 

The main & super lame reason I heart them... I just feel really damn cool whenever I sport them. Because who doesn't want their sunglasses to slide down a little bit and be like "oh, who me?... I'm naturally this rad".

Winning. the. game.



Photos by Taylor Dunn