Weekend Update


It's bone-chilling, literally cannot feel my face, phones dead, screw walking a block, cold. 

But, that doesn't stop me from having a killer day in my favorite city with one of my best friendsLunch at my vegan heaven on earth, a trip to the Whitney, followed by getting lost amongst the crowds in Chinatown. 

I also feel sorry for those have flown into town for fashion week. But, honestly wear layers. Frostbite isn't exactly fashionable. 

Oh, and as the cold continues to become colder, I am heading south to Florida tomorrow. #sorrynotsorry. I cannot help that the timing of my regatta is in the dead of winter. If you fancy some sunnier Instagrams, I'd suggest following yours truly. 

I need some shuteye, so that will be concluding this weekend update.

 See ya on the flipside aka Monday. 

Photos by Christina