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Long weekends are the best the world can offer me. Nothing is better than shaking up the normal routine with a vacation routine... aka waking up at 10 and proceeding to consume endless cups of freshly-brewed coffee. If you know anything about me, is that I have the strongest inability to sit and do nothing. So, when the rest of the world vegetates somewhere, mindlessly eating and lounging, I'm off doing something. So, this what I got up to over the past few days during this burst of Spring weather in February. 

On Thursday and Friday, I returned to my old summer intern stomping grounds at Fohr Card. I jumped right back into my work routine with one of the best teams around, enjoyed delicious New York lunches, and all the little things that brought me back to summer- even though I was wearing a puffer jacket and wool socks. In addition to being back in the Fohr Card offices on Friday, I also met up with Maryellen for an early morning coffee at sun-filled Lafayette. for meeting for the first time, Maryellen and I connected right away blabbering about coffee, Greenwich (both repping the 06830), blogging, politics, and so forth. Plus, we scored some ten-out-of-ten 'grams with the morning light. As Friday wrapped up, I went to Dogpound and literally wrapped up for my favorite workout. My calves are still sore, so pardon me as I go foam-roll for hours on end. 

On Saturday, my mom and I ventured out to one of the best corners of the world, east end of Long Island. I find myself out there more and more during the off-season, so you can bet I'll be there this summer as well. We fianlly checked out the renovated Gurney's Inn, followed by a delicious lunch and ace people watching. After all, it was Valentine's Day weekend and let's just say, some people did not get a ring! The day would not complete without mutiple trips to Hampton's Coffee and one muddy shoe (do it for the pic, right?). 

Sundays have become my favorite day of the week because they are top-of-the-line for much needed "me" time. It also doesn't hurt when Mother Nature pulls a 65 degree and sunny stunt on New England- global warming strikes again! My day was spent driving with *all* the windows down, a long run down by the beach (along with everyone else in town), and a smoothie trip. Now, I'm really excited for summer. How many days to go?

As for Monday, I'm into my third cup of coffee and basking in this bizarre February sunlight. Adios kiddos. 

Little Red Hoodie

Oh, athleisure. You shook up the fashion industry and brought comfort to the impractical. 

I will debate the pros and cons of incorporating god forsaken athleisure apparel into one's clothing arsenal until I'm blue in the face. Trust me I love comfort just as the next person, but denim always wins over leggings. On the other hand, hoodies are a whole another story. It's the sportier sister of the cableknit in my eyes and most definitely the favorite of the moment. While a no-brainer pre and post workout, it is also best paired with a handful of classics. I personally recommend Gucci loafers, or something of that sort, to induce confusion of others on why the hell you are pairing a hoodie with loafers. The answer? For the sake of fashion, of course. 

Wearing: Urban Outfitters hoodie, Zara denim (old), Asos coat (old), Gucci loafers



January's Best of the Best


Back in October, I did a monthly favorites post that I dubbed "Best of the Best". If your life is anything like mine right now, it's in the extra stressful lane, so I hope that these posts bring some chance of an escape into your daily life. Like always, everything on this list has been tried and true by yours truly or is part of my day-to-day life. 100% Sloane Certifed Guaranteed. 

Through My Eyes

Distance Between Dreams- In an alternate world, I would be a pro-surfer. I have always had a slight obsession with surf culture, pro-surfers, and the sport in general. Distance Between Dreams is a documentary about pro-surfer, Ian Walsh, and his journey and dedication the sport. Ian is a primarily big wave surfer (meaning those insane 50 footers), so the film follows him, his family, and friends during the El Niño season in 2015. Not only is the story inspiring, but the surfing and Hawaii scenery makes for stellar cinematography. The documentary is available on Amazon, iTunes, and Vimeo. 

Sherlock Season 4- I have been a HUGE Sherlock fan since season 1 came out way back when. I normally don't want live TV at all, but Sherlock is the only exception. I promise I won't give any spoilers away (there is a lot), but while this season was different, it still lived up to the original and well-known hype of the show. Crossing my fingers for a Season 5.... but we all know that won't come for a few years. 

In The Ears

The Soundtrack IV- Introducing the latest installment in my Soundtrack Series. It's the first of 2017 and filled with quite a wide range of jams. 
There is a fair amount of slower singer-songwriter tunes a la Damien Rice and Ed Sheeran, some of some classic 90s "lite" rock, a few house remixes, and of course a bit of La La Land in there.

Messy Heads Podcast- Emma Mercury's digital community- website, social channels, magazine, etc. - has been one of the greatest sources of inspiration for me in the past year, so I was psyched when she announced she was creating a podcast. Two episodes are already out- one about heartbreak and one discussing the concept of perfection. Listen in the car, in bed, in the bath, or whenever you are in the need of self-reflection and a break from the mainstream media frenzy. Via Soundcloud

In My Wardrobe

Socks & Vans- Maybe this latest sartorial decision has stemmed from my surf obsession, but in lieu of ankle boots, I have been sporting vans with visible socks. Normally in the middle of winter, I am wearing fleece-lined boots and the thickest socks I own, so the lighter footwear is a welcomed change of pace. With a nod to the laidback West Coast, it adds an interesting, but chill, element to my daily wardrobe. Try it with jeans and a cable knit sweater or turtleneck. 

Pop & Suki camera bag- For Christmas, my brother gave me this personalized crossbody bag. For someone who carries very little (card case, phone, headphones, sunglasses, and car keys), this tiny and charming bag is the best accessory. I'm also a sucker for anything personalized or monogrammed, hence it is a big W for me all-around. 

Cropped jeans- Another nod to surf culture meets Scandivan street style, cropped jeans are slightly quirky and odd looking, but I'm wholeheartedly obsessed. I have been eyeing this Madewell pair, but in the meantime, a vintage pair gets the job done. 

At The Gym

Jump rope & Tabata- I like to mix up my workouts depending on my current goal. Ever since going to Dogpound back in December, I have been incorporating jump roping into my daily workouts. To be honest, I used to be very bad at jump roping, to the point where it slightly embarrassing. But, over the course of two months, I'm proud to say I have greatly improved on my skills. For those who hate slaving away hours on the treadmill or any other cardio machine, try jump roping. In pair with jump roping, I have been using a Tabata timer for my workouts. Tabata is essentially just a form of a HIIT workout, so it is ideal for those looking to both gain muscle and lose body fat. I mix up what moves I do each day, but I tend to follow a loose formula of 1-1.5 minute(s) of jump roping, then 1-1.5 minute(s)a strength/resistance training move, and then 1-1.5 minute(s) of burpees/jump squats/etc. I'll do 3-5 sets of each move, 3-4 times depending on how much time I have. Trust me, you'll get your sweat on and have fun whilst doing so. 

In The Media & Following

Cartia Mallan- I have been following Cartia for awhile on Instagram and YouTube, but since her move to Sydney, Cartia's content has been on fire. She has a genuine and radiant personality that is conveyed through a screen and is incredibly passionate about everything she does. Plus her music taste and style sense is killer. 

Chronicles of Her- Fashion blogger Carmen Hamilton, rebranded her digital platform and created a unique and edgy website talking about style, beauty, and lifestyle. It's humorous, cool, and chic. 

Other & Other

Reading & bathing- Time is fleeting, but personal hygiene and enjoyment reading are mucho important. One of my goals for 2017 is to read more. I have accumulated a teetering stack of books, so I think it is about time to make a dent. A relaxing, hot bath is the perfect time to do just that.  I just finished The Girls by Emma Cline, and I am currently reading The Marriage Plot by Jeffery Eugenides. Next up, I have Gloria Steinem's memoir, My Life on the Road, and the classic Truman Capote novel, Breakfast at Tiffany's. 



The Future Is [ ]

It is challenging to put yesterday's historical and magical day into coherent sentences, as the energy was indescribable and unforgettable. Perhaps making it one of the top five moments in my life. President Trump believes that we are a divided country, but I think anyone who was out marching or participating yesterday (across the 600+ cities, and 30+ countries) would care to disagree. I witnessed a powerful and strong union of individuals. Individuals who are of a different race, gender, religion, nationality, but these individuals were standing together. Truth be told, I have never felt more proud to call myself both an American and a woman than I did yesterday. I hope that this march, and the many to come, is a wake-up call to our government, representatives, and world leaders saying that we are here and we are not going away. 

On a slightly more personal note, this past election has lit a flame within me. A flame that continues to burn brighter and stronger every day. It has made me recognize that my voice holds power, and that power must be used. Each and every one of us holds that power. Use your voice to spread positive messages of love, not hate. Continue to educate yourself (and others) about issues that concern our fellow citizens, our planet, and our communities. Support those around you. Never stop fighting and working for what you believe. And lastly, my fellow ladies, never underestimate yourself and never forget that you, yes you, can change the world. 

Back in November, we asked ourselves the question, "where do we go from here?", and I think after yesterday, we will are going to be pretty damn well. January 21st, 2017 has come and gone, but it is only the beginning of something greater. 

Let's get ready and let's get to work. 




Animal Instinct

It's been quite some time since I have done a proper outfit post in this neck of the woods.

There is no other way to put it, but life has been more hectic than ever and time is fleeting friends! Because of the heaps of school work and playing catch up from being sick, my free time is not spent sitting on my laptop, but out and about in the world. I'm fully aware of my adjusting schedule and I promise to not less this area of my life falter anymore than it has been. To keep you in the loop, content will be changing around here. I won't be posting as much- simply because I cannot keep up with my normal 3x a week- but the quality will skyrocket through the roof to make up for the lack of, well, my face. Instead of traditional blog posts, the preliminary plan is to produce more digital stories... think more in-depth writing, design, photography. For 2017, I want my blog to paint the best picture of who I am and what I believe in, so let's get going!!

Now, before you depart from my corner of the interweb, this outfit (and another one coming later...) are examples of how to work summer pieces into your winter sartorial playbook. When the cutoffs are less beachy and more structured, they totally are cut out for milder days when paired with funky toppers, boots, and of course, a thick turtleneck.

Coat: Asos, Shorts: The Vintage Twin, Boots: Stuart Weitzman, Sweater: J.Crew