Guess who's Back?

I have slightly disappeared off the face of the internet the past week, and it's been nothing short of glorious. Sometimes it is nice to step back, live in the moment and not through my phone and computer screen. Hell, yesterday was the first day I opened my computer at home in a long, long time. I am finally playing catch up and producing some new content for Fall later this week. I'm feeling refreshed and ready to face the busy September ahead. If you follow me over on Twitter, I've been sharing a lot of my thoughts surround self-confidence, validation, mindset, identity, and positivity. I have a more structured- aka a less rambling word spew- post in the works. 

In the mean time, here are a handful of pictures that haven't made it into the social media vortex. 



August Moodboard & Mixtape

Here it is. Sorry it's a little late... 

I've grown to love August over the years. Up until this year, I always rushed into back to school, fall, and was overall riddled with anxious energy. This year, I've taken the time to truly savor this laid back part of summer and make the most of all it... and also logically realize that October is still 2 MONTHS AWAY. Whilst, fall is on my mind and I'm thinking about all the cozy sweaters and boots, I'm also avoiding the classic "ordering a jacket in 90 degrees" move. Instead, I've added several new pieces to my closet that work now and later. t's a win-win all around. 


But, back to the mindset. I ask you to truly enjoy this month. Take those weekend trips you were to busy for in June, hang out with friends, watch the Olympics, bask in the late afternoon sun, go outside, try something new, anything and everything you want.

And why not blast some tunes while you're at it? I have three new playlists up on Spotify- a great driving one/general favorites, my latest workout tunes (listen from start to finish), and the second Soundtrack

Shop the moodboard:




Stay Messy

One of my favorite, game-changing, passionate, and innovate blogs, The Messy Heads, has a line of t-shirt/journals/etc. that embody their message of "stay messy".

No duh, they don't literally mean to stay messy, but to embrace who you are as a person, your imperfections, perfections, and everything that makes you unapologetically you.  

I rarely fall in love with a blog completely and The Messy Heads is the only exception. The founder, Emma, just moved to New York from California and brings some positive and passion to the social space. It's refreshing to see uniqueness is a space that is filled with clusters of the same after the same. 

The Look: Messy Heads t-shirt, Reformation skirt (worn here and here), Castaner wedges, Hermes belt (borrowed from my mom), Ray-Ban sunglasses

Seattle Photo Diary

Seattle was my first time visiting the Pacific North West and the trip was nothing short of wonderful. I was out there for a sailing event, so I didn't get to see much of the city and surrounding areas, but commuting each morning via boat, snow-capped mountains in the background, morning runs along the lake, post regatta swims, and the Space Needle at sunset sold me on the PNW. I 100% want to venture back out there in the future to experience the rest of city (plus, it's supposed killer vegan food) and perhaps go skiing near by.

Also, thank you to everyone who gave recommendations on where to go... I never had the time to go anywhere, but I'll save them for the next jaunt back out West.

Oh, and Jetlag is a killer b i t c h. 

Back 2 Black

I told you I'd disappear for a few days! I'm currently posting up in Seattle airport waiting for my flight back to the East Coast. I'm riding out a caffeine buzz courtesy of Starbucks, in order to catch up on emails and blog work. 

My last outfit around here was bright and bold- if you didn't see it, pop here folks! But, sometimes going back to black is the secret to breaking away from standard summer whites and brights. Just make sure to keep it interesting with multiple textures and either some white or metallic on the shoe part. 

Just a tip: avoiding beating hot sun also makes summer darks much, much more bearable.

Oh, and Happy August! 

The Look: Nasty Gal top (also worn here), Madewell shorts, Vans sneakers (worn here), Angela Roi bag, Ray-Ban sunglasses


Photos by Becky Siegel