Cherry Blossoms

Everyone always raves about the beautiful cherry blossoms in D.C. and I was itching to stop by them before we high-tailed it back home to New England. In my opinion, the cherry blossoms are more of supporting act to the Jefferson Memorial and an Instagram moment, so don't fret if you can make it across the river to see them. For me, I was more keen to visit the memorial as its been on my D.C. to-do list since my 8th-grade field trip. 

I'm compiling a D.C. travel guide, so keep your eyes peeled for when it hits the interwebs, Oh, and you might catch the foldover Vans in one picture 

I'm working on a D.C. travel guide, so keep your eyes peeled for when that hits the interwebs. Oh, and you might catch the foldover Vans in one picture.... the result of walking 10 miles the day before. Note to all: wear comfortable shoes unless you plan on having killer blisters for a week. 

Wearing: Brandy Melville denim jacket, The Vintage Twin jeans,  L.L. Bean sweater, Vans sneakers, Pop & Suki bag, Ray-Ban sunglasses

March's Best of the Best

Welcome back to another favorites post. March was a weird and hectic month with lots of quick trips around the Northeast, concluding with DC last weekend. For the first time I think ever, I'm hoping to spend some time at home in order to catch up on my zzzzs. Alas, we'll see if I can *actually* relax. Without further ado, here is my list of favorites from March. It's on the shorter side but doesn't mean they aren't great. 

Through My Eyes

Designated Survivor: I am OBSESSED with this show. I never caught the Scandal bug, thus Designated Survivor has satisfied my political-drama craving. The show portrays issues surrounding the political arena and the new era of journalism without being unrealistic. Plus, it throws a curveball every episode to keep things, ya know, juicy. Watch on ABC. 

In My Ears

Britpop: All. I've. Been. Listening. To. Radiohead, Oasis, Pulp, you name it, I'm there. My favorite song of the moment is Disco 2000 by Pulp -- the video is also serious inspiration and looks like something straight out of Trainspotting. 

Gipsy Kings: 'Nuff said. A little samba dance break at midnight is just what the doctor ordered. 

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In My Wardrobe

Color!: If you have been following my blog for quite some time, you know that I used to wear a lot color circa 2013  please don't go lurking into my archives). In the more recent years, neutrals have taken control of wardrobe as I fell victim to normcore. But, I came to a realization last month on how we should have fun with fashion and embrace colors, patterns, and design in whatever forms we desire. For me, you won't see me sporting bright orange from head-to-toe, but I have been incorporating bits and pieces of red, pink, and brighter jewel tones among the denim and whites. 

Gingham: In continuation of my previous anecdote, I purchased this skirt from Asos. At first, this gingham-ed, ruffling, midi-skirt would seem completely out of my sartorial comfort zone, but something about its odd easiness drove me to click buy straight away. I can't wait to pair with a navy sweater and kicks during the day and a white off-the-shoulder top and wedges at night.... don't worry, you'll see it go down.

Dramatic Earrings: The last fashion decision that has brought flair to my life are dramatic earrings. You might have picked that up via my recent Insta-stories, but I'll be sharing more soon. Think tassels, gold, hoops... all the goodies.

Patagonia duffle bag: My last favorite is the less stylish of the sort, but is ace on practicality. Since I've been riding the trains up and down the Eastern seaboard, I have been using this Patagonia duffle bag almost every weekend. 

In The Kitchen

Spinach: I'm fully aware of how random this favorite is, but spinach is a star. Either mixed in with kale and lettuce for salads or in smoothies for the added nutrition. Eat yo greens!

In The Media & Following

Pandora Sykes: Pandora's blog has been a go-to read of mine for two years and I'm a regular listening of her podcast "The High Low" with fellow journalist/friend, Dolly Alderton. Pandora's style is eccentric but completely owned by her. Whenever you hear the phrase, "wear the clothes, don't have the clothes wear you", Pandora is the epitome of that. Plus, her writing style is smart, witty, and relevant by touching on topics such as Gen Z and feminism, but also sharing light-hearted content that warms the soul.  Follow Pandora's blog here.

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Other & Other 

Keap Candles: This Brooklyn-based candle company is the jackpot of natural and sustainable candles. I have both Waves and Green Market burning as we speak, so my endorsement is 100%.



Penny Lane Called

Long time, no talk. I have finally found the time to sit down and write a spanking new post. And what better way to return back to the interweb with a classic and beloved Penny Lane moment? No one can resist one and let's face it, the 70s look will probably never go out of style... or so I hope to think. The over the top coat is vintage Akris borrowed from my mother's closet, along with the flared (!!) cashmere sweater from Tory Burch. Man, how I wished I shot this sweater, that was sadly disguised underneath a toasty layer of warmth. Alas, I have learnt to never risk frostbite in the name of fashion. This sweater though.... I've become infatuated with ruffles and flares lately, as they add a feminine and girly touch to my otherwise chill wardrobe. Who doesn't like to have a little flirty swish to their everyday look? I stand correct.

Signing off with a spin on Penny and a swish on my sleeve

Wearing: Tory Burch sweater (similar here and here), The Vintage Twin jeans (similar), Madewell loafers, Pop & Suki bag, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Akris vintage coat (similar options



The Endless Summer Mentality

I possibly might be downright mental and have caught a severe case of summer blues with the bits of glorious weather we've been having, but I'm counting the days till summer with enthusiasm. When I was younger I loved summer just like every other kid; it brought along the chance to play all day long, be covered in head to toe sun protection (ahem, thank you mother), and enjoy another three months of good old-fashioned fun in the sun. But, as I have "aged" and entered the limbo years of half-adulting and half-youth, summer as turned into a sacred bliss. We dream about in the dark depths of winter as we are huddled underneath several fleece blankets, remembering the times of 8 pm sunsets and outside dining. 

When I think of summer, I see rose-tinted skies, sticky humid heat, short dresses, and the way the light catches each surface. Living is easier, laughing is more frequent, and it seems as if everyone has taken a communal chill-pill. In the summer, there are less shoes, more sunscreen, the music a *little* louder, and I'm taking the long-way home in order to enjoy the wind in my face. In attempts to freeze time, I take photographs and screenshots of funny texts and weather forecasts in order to remember that summer mentality so that when the time rolls around, I'll try to put myself back into that mindset.

If you are in the same boat as me right now, make a list of all your favorites things of summer... the weather, the people, the food, the sky.... and think of ways to implement your own endless summer mentality into the off-season. Ways to do so?

Go to the beach. Spend time outside. Drink iced coffee even though fingertips might freeze off. BraiD hair. Listen to Jimmy Buffet, Zac Brown Band, and your summer playlist. Chill out. 

Even though summer is technically just a season, think of as a way of life until the real deal rolls around. Only 119 days to go, but who is counting? 

*all images via Tumblr*