Sneak Attack

In the midst of a sneak attack dosage of summer in the Northeast, why not pull a look out of my lost image archive? Featuring the nouveau way of tying a men's button down... talk about kicking traditional out the door. I'd recommend playing around with the button-down, knot here and there, the possibilities are endless for sartorial success. 


On another note, Autumn, come back, come back, wherever you are. 

Wearing: J.Crew men's button down, Reformation jeans, Madewell loafers- here, here, and here are some similar pairs, Ray-Ban sunglasses

Photos by Felicia Lasala 




Smarty-Pants, you!

Oh Junior Year.

What a time to be alive.

Odd are you are going to hit me like a bus in about three months, but as for now, you are *somewhat* manageable.

As I'm into my third year in the great universe known as high school, I like to believe that I have adapted some okay study habits to achieve a  rate of success. So today, I'm blessing you with some of the best tried and true tips for killing those midterms, essays, and pesty 20% homework grades that DO MATTER. 

If you are freshman, use these. Retweet to the sophomores and my fellow juniors.

These probably also apply in college, so college-folk, here you go.


+ Do the homework when it is assigned

As I said, it counts. Bang out those Spanish vocabulary words or those History paragraphs the minute you can. Never be one of those slackers, who "forgot to do their homework" and the class does a collective eye-roll. Take a hint from Nike and just do it. (Wow, don't you ever just respect incredible mass marketing)

+ Study in different ways

Quizlet,diagrams, practice DBQS or problems, by yourself, study group, watch some videos, and rinse and repeat. I'm not blabbering nonsense here- it's proven that changing your study habits helps the mind retain the information better than the basic notecards strategy. 

+ Embrace caffeine or learn to sleep. 

I love coffee. I won't deny it and I'll never quit. I also love to sleep and know that it is important to go to bed at a decent time. Find what works for you, but the golden combination is the best of both worlds as you try to summit success. 

+ Go to the library

A study habit that I implemented last year was going to my town's library at least once a week. Once you've made the effort to go there, you might as well buckle down and bang out those four hours of homework, half of that English essay, and next week's textbook reading. Tricking the mind? Maybe. But, it works.  

+ Listen to classical music 

PSA: I have discovered the most amazing artist ever. Friends, meet Vitamin String Quartet. This mind-blowing group does classical covers of contemporary music. Billy Joel, The Killers, Robyn, T-Swift, Adele, Red Hot Chilli Peppers.... It's music heaven and I may or may not have busted these jams out in the car a few times.

+ Read ahead

Again, like that bloody homework, getting ahead with readings is a habit that you should force upon yourself until it becomes second nature.

+ Ask for help

This one is self-explanatory. 

+ Outlines, outlines, outlines

I love outlines. L-o-v-e them. Praise them. My pride and joy. My English teacher last years ingrained it in my head to make outlines for everything that I write. It is an extra step, but worth it in the long run. And color code them if you're feeling a little bit wild!

+ Take some time for yourself

Read a book, watch some Gilmore Girls (November 25th... counting down!), go the gym, take a long bath. Spend some time- away from social shindigs or work- just focusing on yourself. 

+ When it doubt, laugh it off (& then get back to killing it)

Failed a math quiz? Forgot to hand in an essay? Overslept? Late? Some random, but awfully embarrassing event? Remember it is not the end of the world (as we know it) and you are FINE. Wow, I'm so sorry for the horrendous R.E.M. pun. 



Denim + Turtlenecks

I really cannot stand how I open every post talking about the bloody weather. Well duh, yes, of course we dress for the weather. What sane person wouldn't? Oops, forgot about NYFW in September. Cashmere and leather doesn't work well with hot and humid. Anyway, I have yet to break out the golden grail of boots: the 50/50, so I'm sticking with loafers for the time being. Denim skirts are a better seasonal replacement to the denim shorts, though I'm not opposed to the denim shorts with tights combo, and turtlenecks simply rock my socks. 

It's a long weekend for this gal, and I'm truly basking in the glory. Slept for 12 hours yesterday, binged watched Carpool Karaoke, dined at by Chloe, and shopped for shoes at BG. Lizzie McGuire, this is what dreams are made of. 

Also, thank you all for birthday wishes on Thursday!

Wearing: Zara turtleneck, Reformation skirt (worn here, here, and here), Madewell loafers (similar)

Photos by Felicia Lasala 

PSA: The Perfect Stripe


Heads up, here is the perfect stripe to rival the old-school fisherman knit.

Shop it at Kule Stripes

October Moodboard & Mixtape

It's FALL!!!!! October is my month. Not only for the fact that I was born during the universe's golden period, but I feel as if I come alive during these glorious 31 days. I always get a few laughs when I mention October is my favorite month, since I'm known to not be Halloween's biggest fan. 

Yet, October is my renaissance and I am reborn over and over again, metaphorically that is. Here are my top reasons why these are the best days of the year. GO! 

~ hot coffee, sweaters, boots, candles, windows open & down, vampire weekend, fall foliage, apple cider, rhode island (in the fall), best sailing season, central park comes alive, chilly mornings, grey afternoons, hiking, birthdays, long weekends, lazy sundays spent reading, pancakes, diner runs ~

I could go and on, but instead I'll spend these precious hours basking in the October air.

Fashion-wise, I'm embracing the changing of the seasons with the following; leopard coats, sandals with loose denim and knits, OV leggings and t-shirts during morning coffee runs, and baseball caps with EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN.




Cannibal Queen by Miniature Tigers 

Daylight by Matt and Kim 

Backwards Down the Number Line by Phish 

Two Fingers by Jake Bugg

You & I by Lady Gaga 

I'll Go Crazy by James Brown